If You Need to Leave in a Hurry!

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A Go-Bag is a duffel bag or backpack that has essentials if you need to leave in a hurry. With fires, floods, and hurricanes as just a few examples, a Go-Bag will help you be prepared if you get that knock-on-the-door that says you have 2 minutes to get out of your house!

A Go-Bag is considered when you have to quickly leave and get to a temporary location – a shelter, a friend’s or relative’s home, etc. A Bug-Out bag is often considered if you would be gone for a longer time, possibly living in a wooded area, etc.

In our Sunday Snacks with Sam and Ellie today, we do something Sam loves: show and tell. Ellie will share a few of the items she has for her Go-Bag. Ideally, each member of the family would have their own. Some of the items you would want to include:

  • important papers: ID, insurance info, medical info, etc.
  • meds: any prescriptions you’ll need and probably a few items like generic Benedryl, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, etc.
  • basic first aid kit
  • flashlight/batteries
  • radio – one that cranks, though a slow process, will help if your batteries run out – also be sure it gets basic NOAA info
  • fire starter – matches kept in a waterproof tin, an electric one like Ellie shows us, and there are plenty of other choices
  • a tarp that can be used to keep dry or create a makeshift shelter
  • at least one change of clothes
  • items needed if you’re taking a pet – possibly a Go-Bag just for them
  • family photo with names (possibly each person having one)

These are a just few of the items necessary if you have to leave quickly. Every few months, double-check the contents to be sure batteries are good, etc.

If you like, you can read the transcript by CLICKING HERE.

As Always – Do Your Homework!

Encourage each member of the family to take care of his/her Go-Bag. Check that all is well every few months. Take what you NEED – not everything but the kitchen sink! The kids might want to pack a small stuffed animal and/or a game or activity that can entertain them when there’s nothing to do but wait. SMALL is the active word here.

Be sure everyone old enough to understand knows what to do and why. Remember fear is when we feel helpless. If we each have tasks and know what to do, taking action will help to alleviate fear!

Be sure you actually know how to use everything in your pack. Be sure your kids have IDs on them and in their bags with contact info and any pertinent information: like allergies etc.

As always, we encourage you to take a day – or a weekend – to practice using your Go-Bag and have NO electricity. Make it fun – like a camp-out.  Be sure everyone knows their tasks.

Sam and Ellie encourage you to ‘be prepared.’ If you never have to use your Go-Bag, well, that’s awesome! If you DO have to grab those Go-Bags and leave in a hurry, you’ll be ready!

Join us next week for Sunday Snacks with Sam and Ellie

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If you enjoy our life hacks and simple common-sense approaches to
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