Ever wonder why you can’t cut your pizza evenly?

Normally I’m lazy and will buy my pizza from an amazing local pizzeria, Ecole’s or La Cucina. Both restaurants are owned by amazing Italian families who are fabulous at making pizza. Ironically though, when I get pizza from both pizzerias, I still must cut the crust.

Why? Well, as I’ve been making my own pizza now over the last year – thanks to COVID! I’ve learned a lot about dough. Pizza dough, for instance, is quite elastic, So a quick once over with a pizza cutter won’t actually fully cut the crust. In walks Ellie with her life hack that I never realized would work so neatly.


No, seriously, your kitchen shears can be used to cut almost anything. Some are so sharp they can cut through bone. Why not pizza?

Well, because frankly, I had never thought of it. I have a utensil specifically designed to cut pizza, so why wouldn’t that work. Short answer, because the dough is elastic and unless you press super hard on your pizza cutter and regularly sharpen it, that sucker isn’t cutting all the way through even the thinnest of thin-crust pizzas.

Recommendation: the next time you get your favorite pizza, be it from a pizzeria, grocery store, or you are making it fresh, use your kitchen shears or scissors to cut that pesky crust all the way through. Trust me – you will be thanking Ellie as much as I do with 2 kids who LOVE pizza!

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