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Preparedness is a Mindset

Today we’re taking the discussion about bug-out bags to the average family. While bug-out bags (or GO-bags) are always mentioned when talking with those who are preparing for the ‘end of the world’ scenario, we’d like to talk about a common sense approach to preparedness.

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Remember, we started this blog shortly after the covid pandemic sent us all into a weird world of masks, shots, social distancing, many losing friends and relatives, and our daily lives interrupted! As is usual, especially in America, folks rushed to the grocery store where you found empty shelves for toilet paper, hand wipes, sanitizer, etc. We were really confused that this rush for toilet paper (and more) occurred all over the country. This led us to consider how we might be better prepared and that, just maybe, average families needed a little help.

Now going on three years of major changes and upheaval in our lifestyles due to the pandemic, we’ve also seen entire communities uprooted by weather disasters and fires. That started us thinking, “What if someone knocked on my door and told me I had 5 minutes – or less – to leave my house. Would I have what I needed to grab available in a matter of minutes?”

Family walking down the street after a storm, huge tree has fallen

Just One Thing!

This video discusses that idea and encourages you to start today. Do one thing – ONE – to begin your bug-out bag escape. Then just keep adding another item. Consider some of the following to get started:

Initial Considerations for your bug-out bag:

  • Copies of important papers in a waterproof container for all family members (Soc. Sec. card, driver’s license or ID, Passport if you have one, medical information, insurance info, bank info, possibly passwords to accounts, contacts)
  • Medicines for at least a week, ideally 30 days.
  • Cash – you’ll need this to buy things when you get to safety.
  • Personal needs: toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary items, etc. Travel sizes would work in this scenario.
  • Phone and Charger
  • If you have children, you might consider a small item for comfort and maybe a game that can easily be put in a backpack and played quietly. A kindle filled with stories for kids and adults may also help. Of course, you’ll want to be sure to take the charger.
  • Water – in a moment’s notice you can’t carry a lot, but add a few bottles
  • Munchies – granola bars, etc that will keep everyone going until you find help
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Let’s not forget our furry friends. Dog/Cat dish, food, water, leash or carrier, etc.

And we added DUCT TAPE and TRASH BAGS! Why? Well, Sam will remind you that “McGyver” could fix anything with duct tape. But seriously, you can wrap a broken arm or leg with a trash bag and duct tape to keep it in place till you can get help. You can create a temporary toilet using a trash bag and a bucket or a hole in the ground. Duct tape can repair a broken handle, a hole in a sleeping bag or backpack, etc.

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Yes, it CAN happen to us!

As we share in the video, preparedness is just thinking ahead. We’ve seen enough to know that, “Yes, it CAN happen to us!” Whether a hurricane or tornado, floods or fires, or even a tree bringing down power lines. You may only be in an emergency situation for a day or two, but it could also be a week or more. Start today to plan ahead. What would you need minimally? What would your children need? What does someone who might be trying to help you need? Then start your bug-out bags, one for each family member.

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You can make it a game for the kids. And now and then practice by grabbing the bags and heading to a park. This isn’t about being scared – but being prepared. Then … B. R. E. A. T. H. E. You may not have all the answers, but you’re thinking ahead and making plans. We’ll share more tips as we go along. But for now – let us know what your first item will be in your family’s go-bags.

Remember, a candle in the dark eases our fear. Knowing we’re prepared gives us a bit of that same security.

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