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Sam found this video that she thought we should share with our readers. Along with a well-stocked food pantry, ready go-bags, first-aid kits, and such, this video discusses Important Papers you may need. Whether it’s a hurricane, fire, or another disaster, there are some very important papers you might need to have to restore your lives. Personal IDs, birth certificates, passports, tax info, SS and/or medical cards and information, and even such things as home titles. and insurances are all items that will make recovery after a disaster easier.

WAYS to SAVE Your Important Papers

The video mentions saving electronic copies (scan those that are not in electronic form). They also suggest creating duplicate copies and storing them in another location.

A few thoughts/concerns:

  • If you store it on your computer, you better plan to grab it when you need to leave your home or business.
  • Better yet, save them in online storage, such as Google docs or Drive, DropBox, etc.
  • You could save them on a USB drive (thumb drive) and easily take them with you.
  • If you store electronically, don’t forget to have passwords easily available. Of course, using a site like RoboForm, Last Pass, etc would be very helpful because you’ll only need to remember one password (the one for your password manager program).
  • You could also take photos on your phone, though this could be less secure.

Remember, you don’t want to be worrying about this as you’re rushing to leave your home or business. And it will be too late to gather it in a crisis. So think about this now! Fireproof safes are another option but sometimes aren’t easily retrieved after a disaster.

Click this page on their website for some IRS guidance for papers you may need as a family and/or a business.

As always, you are encouraged to make a plan. Don’t forget to keep those documents updated. It’s a bit of a chore now, but will save a lot of headaches should you be in a position to need them!

REMEMBER: When you’re prepared, you have less fear and are able to take action!

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