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Food-storage-closet-from-Unsplash-by-Annie_SprattNo matter what you call it, or how you feel about it, being prepared feels GREAT! As we discuss in our Sunday Snacks today, prices fluctuating, news that can’t help but put us on edge, supply chain issues still occurring with no real end in sight, and so much more, Sam and Ellie share their philosophies about preparedness!

We’re not talking about long-term storage as much as 3 months, 6 months, or up to a year. For instance, if you’d begun adding to your pantry last fall and through the winter, the savings on those items, if you had to purchase them today, would most certainly help your budget.

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Key Tips for Why Preparedness Can Be Satisfying

  • No panic.
    When you see a store with empty shelves, especially items that you use regularly, you’ll be prepared. Always purchase a few items to keep in your pantry staples.
  • Less worry.
    Price fluctuations won’t be so worrying, especially if you were smart enough to purchase ahead when prices were less expensive.
  • Calm.
    When you know you can care for yourself and/or your family, the latest headlines won’t feel so frightening.
  • Family action.
    When the family works together to be prepared, there’s a sense of “We’ve got this” rather than fear.
  • Sense of community.
    If you have an elderly or needy neighbor, you may be able to help.Note of caution: do NOT broadcast about your food storage. Just know you can quietly help if you so choose.

In the video, Sam shares how pleasantly surprised she was to learn that her kids are much more aware and knowledgeable about being prepared than she realized. In recent storms, her daughter did an amazing job of taking leadership at their Scout Camp. And her son takes personal responsibility in noticing and noting on the grocery list when they need to add items to their storage. If you think about it in the same way you would plan for a trip, you’ll soon discover that it’s not as difficult as you might have feared.

It’s never too late to start. Add an extra item or two with each shopping trip. Think about items you use every day and figure out ways to add an extra for your pantry storage.

Find ways to add calm and a sense of satisfaction by being prepared.

One other thought: knowing you have a little extra means that you can quietly help a neighbor or family member through tough times. For instance, if a couple of elderly friends are having a tough time, knowing that you have a couple of cans of food that you can share, or even a prepared meal that you can walk over to them, is worth way more than the price of the food.

We’re here to help. Have a specific question? Give us a shout. Send us a message on FB if you like. But get started!

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Between us, we have over 100 years of experience, and Sam’s only 40!
If you enjoy our life hacks and simple common-sense approaches to
sustainability and everyday life, please spread the word.

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