My Simple Step-by-Step Seed Starting

Hi, Sam here. I’m going to actually walk you through this very simple step-by-step process of starting your seeds in this really cheap and effective manner. So like I told you last time, I got these packets from my local grocery store and I had four packs of 24 cells. They were really, really inexpensive. Remember these were super easy. They’re super cheap. And they will last me a couple of years’ time. So we are going to plant our leafy greens, just a couple of varieties to get them started so that when I am ready to put them outside, I will have them ready to rock and roll.

What You’ll Need

  • Potting Soil
    Yes, many people mix their own. ME? I don’t have time for that!
  • Trays – as described in previous video
  • Large tray or something to put under your work area for easy clean-up
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Seeds
  • Craft/popsicle sticks or other markers you’re using
  • Marker


  • Add potting soil to your seed tray
  • Dampen with water (I didn’t have it handy in this video)
  • The Brussel Sprout seeds I’m planting are very tiny, VERY tiny, so I’m putting 3 in each cell
  • Cover lightly
  • Label the sticks with seed name, brand, etc
  • Use the sticks (or any fancy tags you’re using) to label your cells so that you remember what they are
  • Lightly spritz again with water

Key Tip: Check your seeds every day so they don’t dry out, which will stress your seeds and hinder growth.

Next time we talk, we’ll talk about other things I don’t like – called the determinant and indeterminant tomatoes. They have screwed me over many years in a row. So until next time, Sam, Sam Groff, from Beyond TP and Milk. Be sure to like, share, join our e-mail list, and start your seeds!

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