Yes! Mushroom “Gold” Soil!

So why am I here with the pitchfork in front of what looks like a pile of dung? Well, it’s because I am!

Mushroom soil is really common where I live and it’s great in my garden. Let’s talk about some mushrooms.

We make raised beds here at our little house and we use the soil that’s already here. But we have to amend it because we have a clay mix.

So in order to do that and not have to pay a ton of money to get lots and lots of fancy soil delivered by a fancy place, we’ve decided to amend our soil with mushroom gold. We’ve used that every year – for about a hundred bucks. Boom! And it’s great stuff. Local companies around where we live take animal manure, animal waste, and mix it with old food scraps, creating this beautiful soil mixture that obviously mushrooms used at one point to grow.

You can see even see some of the straw and the wood that’s in it! In our garden beds, it adds those rich nitrates and nutrients to the soil. It provides luscious food for OUR food to continue to grow. We bought 3 or 4 cubic yards for $100.  Every year this guy comes back willingly and this mushroom gold helps us grow abundant crops.

Between us, we have over 100-years of experience and Sam’s only 39! If you enjoy our life hacks and simple common sense approaches to sustainability and everyday life, please spread the word.

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