Sustainable Relationships

Sustainable Relationships

Communicating with one another is a key ingredient to sustainable relationships. That’s what Sam shares in our Sunday Snacks with Sam and Ellie this morning. 

Define Sustainable Relationships

…when you’re looking at becoming sustainable in relationships, making sure that there is a level of mutual respect and (that) you’re hearing and seeing what the other person is giving you for what it is and nothing more.

from Sam

In dealing with others, it’s easy to confuse and misinterpret interactions. Ellie shares with us a technique she learned while taking a course in the 70s, Therapeutic Touch, at Pumpkin Hollow in New York State. A program designed for nurses and others in the healing fields, Ellie was lucky enough to be able to attend the program – twice. In the video, she shares the concept of energy that moves throughout the universe and between individuals constantly. 

illustration of two heads - blue one with a target like sketch on the brain and the red one with a maze like sketch

On the left is a great example of wide, slower, circling energy, on the right more of a spiraling, fast, energy.

Listen as she explains the different ways energy moves between people and the reactions it may cause, often creating a very different reaction than what we intended. Are you the fast, spiraling, focused energy – or the slow, wide, circling energy? Can you watch interactions around you and notice the movement of energy and the results? Learning to do this can help you to not only see ‘others’ energy but also notice your own. Once we are aware, we can then interact with purpose and, hopefully, create better communications.

man with bull horn hollering at a women who is being blown backward by the tirade

This man definitely has the fast, spiraling energy happening here while the woman is literally being blown away. To have a meaningful conversation, the energy needs to be in greater synchrony.

Does this ‘energy thing’ really work?

Ask Sam. Listen to her as she shares her first effort at ‘noticing’ the energy during a family holiday gathering.

(You can follow along with the transcript by CLICKING HERE)

We’d love to hear from you. After learning of this technique, are you able to see the energy dance that occurs around you? Please share your experiences with us!

NOTE: If you’re interested, you can learn more, click here: Therapeutic Touch. If you have questions, send a message to Ellie on our Facebook page.

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