Spring Cleaning – Herb Garden Style

Spring Cleaning – Herb Garden Style

Anticipating This Year’s Herbs

Spring cleaning doesn’t just happen in the house. Just as in the previous video where I pruned and cleared our raspberry bush area, today I’m cleaning out last year’s end-of-season growth in our herb garden to allow for this year’s new growth. Leaving the end-of-year growth over the winter protected the plants for this year. But now it’s time to give them the best scenario for a successful harvest.

lemon grass left without pruning over the winter

Some of the plants included in my perennial herb garden are cilantro, thyme, rosemary, lemongrass, and lavender. As you can see, I left it in a horrible condition over the winter. But the pruning and cutting back will now allow plenty of room for new growth allowing the plants to get the sun and water they’ll need.

Here’s the garden area after pruning.

the results of the pruned herb garden

The reward for your efforts now can be seen here – this is our herb garden at Halloween last year. We enjoyed its bounty all season and added to our sustainability.

The bounty of our herb garden last fall