Mulch on the Cheap

Mulch on the Cheap

Mulch for FREE!!!

The other day I noticed a tree company in our neighborhood. They were there to cut somebody’s tree down, some landscaping. It’s lovely. They’re taking care of something that’s necessary in our neighborhood.

Well, the irony is those tree companies have to pay to get rid of the wet mulch. This is not hot yet. It’s just wood chips that are fresh-cut trees. On an actual garden plot, it can be detrimental.

What I do is I use this wet mulch for around our gardens?

It’s great to use for the walkway between our garden beds and it’s lovely. It’s super easy. We put them around our chicken coop. It makes our yard smell lovely all year long and it’s beautiful. And the kicker, it was free. All I had to do was walk down the street and ask the guy, “Do you get rid of your wood chips at the end of the day? And if so, how much does it cost?”

And he’s like, “It’s free because I won’t have to pay for it.”

Check out this article for ways you can safely use this free mulch (wood chips) around your home and garden.

So the fabulousness is, if you’re looking for cheap effective mulch (that’s not necessarily mulch yet), ask a local person who is having a tree cut down if you can have the wood chips. I’m going to guarantee you that tree service is going to be much happier to get rid of the wood chips on your lawn than to have to go pay to have them turned into mulch, through a drying process and a variety of other methods.

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