Preparing Our Raised Beds

Preparing Our Raised Beds

Mushroom Gold and Garden Prep

The weather has been awesome here in Maryland this week. So we have been preparing our raised beds for spring.

Every year we get a load of mushroom soil. Actually, we get like five cubic yards of it. It’s a lot!

Here’s our approach:

Bob, my husband, digs down to the bottom of one side of the bed in order to dump the mushroom soil into the side of the raised bed. Then we’re going to mix the soils together, the existing soil with the mushroom soil in order to create a lovely nutrient-rich mixture for our plants.

Actually, the first year we just dumped it on top and spread it around. And we did not have as much success. But this year he had actually spread all the soil in the bed to one side and added the mushroom soil. Then he was able to mix it far more efficiently. The mix is now much more nutrient-dense.

When we go to plant our seedlings in a few weeks, what we’ll end up doing is just put a bit of worm castings and some other little fertilizers right in the holes. It’ll be yummy deliciousness for all of our plants that we’re going to be putting in here.

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