Read – Read – Read!

Read – Read – Read!

photo of reddish colored dog with glasses on and a magazine in front of him

We want to discuss something that might irk a few of you. We hope not. But today we were chatting and realized that …

… ‘folks just don’t read.’

The discussion started when Ellie noticed how many folks on social media will be looking at an image, but instead of clicking on it to see the entire thing, they’ll simply comment “What date is it?” or “Where is this?” In this case, it was a poster for an event that unless you clicked to enlarge it, you couldn’t see all of it. If they don’t click on a pic, do they bother to click on a link, visit a website, actively research, etc? With so much info available at our fingertips (or even just talking into our phones), the huge majority of people will instead ‘just ask,’ never check a website, or even go to a favorite’s page.

When we get that lazy, we’re in BIG trouble. We love to share tidbits of info, ‘quickie lists,’ helpful guides and videos. But if you want to be truly successful, you must research what you need to do for your family and your situation. Reading, researching, and practicing will put you way ahead of the rest of your neighbors.

While watching the video, you can read the transcript by CLICKING HERE.

On top of reading and research, you must also ‘practice.’

We encourage you to include the entire family in the planning and the practice.

telephone pole cracked and leaning with dozens of various wires attached - following a fast and furious storm in Havre de Grace

Following the recent fast and furious storm, broken pole with telephone, electric, and maybe even cable wires attached!

Small Practice Sessions 

Just this past week our area was hit by a fast-moving storm that took out trees, some crashing on cars and houses, and, of course, the power was out. Some areas had it restored in 5-6 hours, while others have waited a couple of days.

I (Ellie) realized that this event was a perfect time to figure out what I had AND what I knew how to use. It also showed me where I wasn’t prepared or had no plan of action.

It was also a small example of what happens when our society feels inconvenienced – even when it’s Mother Nature! I saw a post where someone commented that they’d just arrived home from work and wanted to know “what restaurants were open!!!” No power – restaurants don’t fare well either!

Anyway, reading, learning, and practicing are KEY to your preparedness. Practice so that everyone’s comfortable and knows what to do.

These ‘inconvenient’ moments are a perfect opportunity to practice. If you found a hole in your preparedness, give each family member something to research. Then come back together and make a plan.

Read – Research – Plan – Pratice

You’ve got this. Sam and I believe in you. Start small and with each step you’ll become more proficient. You can do this! Think a weekend of ‘inconvenience.’ Then work toward 30-days! You’ll be surprised how easy it can be – one step at a time!

See you next Sunday Snacks with Sam and Ellie!

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Between us, we have over 100 years of experience, and Sam’s only 40!
If you enjoy our life hacks and simple common-sense approaches to
sustainability and everyday life, please spread the word.