Easy – Cheap Food Storage

Easy – Cheap Food Storage


Food storage doesn’t have to be a big deal.

The preppers and homesteaders who may be planning for the next 5 years (or the coming apocalypse) may need to do things differently. But for you and I just trying to use our common sense and learn from the past year, we can be prepared in simple ways.

Recycle, reduce, and reuse is more than just a methodology taught to children back in the 90s. It is really a way of life. This is something that our grandparents’ generation lived by, so why do we see it as a novel concept? This is one way of storing food for the short term, relatively inexpensively, and you can find them at your local bakery. They will probably be happy to let you have their wonderful food grade buckets on the cheap because it gets them out of their way.

Note that the storage can be easily rotated

… so that you can just have a few months ahead. But by planning, you won’t be running to the store the day before the next storm! And if the distribution chain gets delayed, your family will still eat well.

Here’s to your efforts “beyond tp and milk.”