Thinking Spring – Peepers and Peeps!

Thinking Spring – Peepers and Peeps!

… the mushroom soil has been delivered!

As we growled about Punxsutawney Phil and springing ahead this weekend with the beginning of Daylight Saving Time, we also celebrated the signs of spring on this week’s Sunday Snacks with Sam and Ellie!

Peeps (Chicks) of many colors

Photo by Michael Anfang on Unsplash

Sam talks about her love of purchasing spring peeps – yes, she loves seeds and plants, too. But there’s just something about the fluffy butts of peeps that causes her family to want to tie her hands when she visits Tractor Supply.  Ellie, on the other hand, shares the anticipation of the first sounds of the peepers – the cheery music of those little tree frogs.

We discuss moving from winter to spring – what we love and what we won’t miss. We’ll debate spring trimming and pruning, and even the joys of having your children discover they love your gardening hobby almost as much as you do!

DISCLAIMER: Ellie made an incorrect statement re: trimming in the fall or winter vs spring. She shares the following: My memory is not exactly accurate. In western NY State Spring comes later than Maryland and usually fast. Most of the farms had acres of grapes and fruit trees. That’s why they often started trimming and pruning earlier.

If you want to enjoy reading along while you watch the video, CLICK HERE for the pdf file. (It will open in a new tab). In the meantime, enjoy a snack with us!

Peepers Announce Spring Is Here

Oh yeah, and speaking of those peepers, have a listen. These tiny little tree frogs are absolutely delightful. Along with fireflies in summer… well, just love the music and beauty of Mother Nature!

Between us, we have over 100-years of experience – and Sam’s only 39 40!

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